Thorium Reader

Installing Thorium Reader

To download and read ebooks from the Ellibs Library on your computer you need the Thorium Reader software. It must be installed before downloading the ebook.

Install Thorium Reader. Read the instructions on the Ellibs website .

SAMK staff can install the program on the SAMK laptop from the Self Service Portal.

Check your LCP password and download the ebook

In Thorium Reader, ebooks are opened with a user-specific password that you can check in My Bookshelf on the Ellibs website:

  1. Go to Ellibs .
  2. Select Log in.
  3. Select I accept the storage and management...
  4. Select Haka Login.
  5. Select In English if needed.
  6. Select Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.
  7. Log in with your SAMK-ID.
  8. On Ellibs website, select My Bookshelf.
  9. Copy your LCP password.
  10. Download the ebook to your device by selecting Download (Thorium Reader) and open the file in Thorium Reader.
  11. Enter your LCP password in Thorium Reader. LCP password will be saved in the software and does not need to be re-entered each time.

Video YouTubessa: Opening an Ellibs book in Thorium Reader

If your computer fails to open the ebook in Thorium Reader

In some cases a computer may fail to open the ebook file filename.lcpl (e.g. Ellibs-12345678.lcpl) in Thorium Reader. You can try to re-install the program or associate the .lcpl file type with Thorium Reader.

How to associate the .lcpl file type with Thorium Reader

Instructions for Windows 11:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Go to settings.

  3. Go to AppsDefault apps.

  4. Go to default apps.

  5. Search with the word .lcpl in Set a default for a file type or link type.

  6. Search.

  7. Select Thorium Reader as the default app for .lcpl files.

  8. Select Thorium Reader.

See also Change default programs in Windows .

The ebook should now open in Thorium Reader.