SFS Online

SAMK Library has purchased SFS Online, standards by the Finnish Standards Association, for students and staff.

SFS Online

How to use SFS Online on SAMK campus

You can access SFS Online via the link below:


How to use SFS Online off-campus (outside SAMK)

You can access SFS Online via the link below:


Use Haka Login. Select In English. Select your Home Organisation (Satakunta University of Applied Sciences). Login with your SAMK ID.

Note to students

Requirements for a student's computer: Adobe Reader must be installed and the plug-in FileOpen.

Students can open and read the standards on a computer. Saving, printing and copying are not possible. Tablets are not supported by the service.

Note to staff

The restrictions for students do not apply and the FileOpen plug-in is not needed.

SFS Online user rights and remote access

Publicly available ISO standards

There are ISO standards publicly available.