Finn Lectura digital materials

SAMK Library has purchased digital language learning materials by Finn Lectura for SAMK students and staff. Students get access to the materials by joining a group in the Opiskelijan digipiste with the Group code received from their teacher.

I am a student and want to create a student account. How can I register to Opiskelijan digipiste?

You can create a student account by navigating to

Change the language to English.

Click Register as user:

Register as user.

Fill in the form. Use your SAMK email address:

Register as user.

Thank you for registering.

You will get a confirmation email from Click the link on the email.

Your account is now activated.

The registration is complete.

In the future, you can log in to the service at .

I am a student. How can I join a group in Opiskelijan digipiste?

First you need to log in on Opiskelijan digipiste with your email address and password at . You can use the service in English.

After logging in you can join different groups in the Groups section by selecting +Join group:


Enter the Group code that your teacher gave you. Select Join:

Join group.

If the group has materials added by your teacher, you will see them in your Materials page.