Log in to Ellibs

SAMK Library has purchased Ellibs ebooks for students and staff. Use SAMK-Finna to find an ebook or search or browse the collection on Ellibs. The ebooks can be downloaded and some of the books are available for reading online.

How to log in:

  1. Go to Ellibs .
  2. Select In English.
  3. Select Log in.
  4. Check I accept the storage and management of my personal information....
  5. Select Haka Login.
  6. Select In English if needed.
  7. Select Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.
  8. Select Create an account.
  9. Log in with your SAMK-ID.

How to read an ebook online

Some of the ebooks are available for reading online. Find the ebook and read in your browser. To find a certain ebook select Search content. To browse all ebooks select Sort. Select Instructions for help.

Ellibs app for mobile devices

You can read ebooks in the free Ellibs app. Install the app from the app store. Start the app and select organization Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu. Select Haka login and log in with your SAMK-ID. Start reading books.

Go to Ellibs library instructions for more help .

How to download an ebook to your computer

The free Adobe Digital Editions software is needed on your computer. The software must be installed before downloading an ebook.

On Ellibs, select In English (if needed) and Readers. Read installation instructions for computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Consider creating an Adobe ID account. With an Adobe ID account, various reader programs will identify you as the same user. If you want to read borrowed books on multiple devices, such as a computer and mobile phone, you can use this ID to transfer reading rights from device to device. Adobe ID is not needed if you read ebooks on a single computer. Adobe ID is needed on tablets.

You can create an Adobe ID account in two ways: on the Adobe website or after installing Adobe Digital Editions.

How to download an Ellibs ebook:

  1. Find the book by searching or browsing the collection.
  2. Click the book to see if it is available. If not, you can reserve the book.
  3. Choose a loan time and select Download.
  4. Save the file URLLink.acsm to your device.
  5. Double-click the file. It should open in Adobe Digital Editions. If your computer does not open the file in Adobe Digital Editions, please read more instructions.
  6. The ebook will be downloaded to your device and opened in Adobe Digital Editions.

Read the Ellibs guides for more help .

The ebook file will be available to read during the selected loan time. After the due date the ebook can't be opened and you can download the ebook again. There is no need to return the ebook but you can do so by following the instructions in the Ellibs user guide .